The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery are citizens who comprise a non-profit community organization with a mission to further enhance and promote the preservation, beautification, and appreciation of the public burial grounds in the Town of Concord. Those burial grounds include Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (1823), Old Hill Burying Ground (1670), and South Burying Place (1690).

The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Inc., has carried out another successful project in the Cemetery.

Click here to read about our tree signage project of labeling Massachusetts indigenous trees and to print our tree location map.

Melvin Memorial

About the Cemetery

Luminaries Buried Here Include:

Bronson Alcott (teacher, writer, philosopher)
Louisa May Alcott (novelist)
Ephraim Wales Bull (horticulturist)
Ralph Waldo Emerson (essayist, lecturer, poet)
Daniel Chester French (sculptor)
Nathaniel Hawthorne (novelist)
Sophia Peabody Hawthorne (artist)
Samuel Hoar (lawyer, politician)
Judge Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar (lawyer, politician)
George Frisbie Hoar (Senator of Massachusetts)
Harriett M. Lothrop "Margaret Sidney" (author, publisher, preservationist)
Margaret Mulford Lothrop (educator, author, preservationist)
Elizabeth Palmer Peabody (educator)
Franklin Sanborn (journalist, author, reformer)
Henry David Thoreau (author, poet, philosopher, naturalist)

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