The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Inc., has a Mission: to promote the beautification, appreciation of and advancement of the Cemetery, which provides a peaceful venue to reflect on the lives of the people buried here.

Recognizing Black History and Women’s History Months, we proudly announce our 17th Annual Breakfast Event on Saturday, March 2, at Concord’s Colonial Inn.

Its focus is “Concord’s Own Great Army of Silent Workers: The Women of the Concord Female Anti-Slavery Society.”

The informative Event will present speakers, Dr. Jennifer Burton and Dr. Julie Dobrow, Tufts University Professors, Researchers, and co-Directors of Half the History Project which aims to tell the untold and under-told inspirational and important stories to new generations. We are honored to welcome both scholars.

The uniqueness of Concord’s Women’s Abolitionist group from others is its composition which included black women such as Susan Garrison and her daughters Ellen and Susan, Jr., and white women like Mary Merrick Brooks, Lidian Jackson Emerson, and Sophia Thoreau. Sleepy Hollow is the resting place for many of the women who made their voices known through their anti-slavery involvement in the mid 19th century.

The Board of Directors will announce plans at the Event for a permanent memorial in the Cemetery, honoring the Town’s Women’s Abolitionist Movement

Seating is limited, and advance reservations are required by February 23, at $ 30.00 each, including full buffet breakfast. Registration begins at 7:30 A.M.

Checks can be mailed to: The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Inc. Post Office Box 313 Concord, Massachusetts 01742-0313

or online via PayPal using the Add to Cart button below.

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