The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Inc., has a Mission: to promote the beautification, appreciation of and education about the Cemetery, which provides a peaceful venue to reflect on the lives of the people buried here.


The Friends of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Inc. is celebrating in 2022 two decades of achieving its Mission.

The Events tab presents a description of two special Commemorative Events for the public that highlighted the celebration. Please refer there for further information.

Also, among our publications noted on the Publications tab is the fall, 2022, summation of our Anniversary plans as carried out.

Included in the Anniversary is the gifting to the Town of two permanent remembrances, pictured here.

The protective bollards gracing the recently renovated and rededicated “Mourning Victory,” the Melvin Memorial, are designed to set off the monument appropriately and respectfully. An earlier contribution there from The Friends is a framed history of the often-visited site.

The other permanent gifting is “Sleepy Hollow” signage at the gates to The Knoll. Carefully replicated from the original lettering that once was atop the Prichard Gate at the main cemetery, this gifting will help to enhance the marking of The Knoll as part of the cemetery as well as connect the historical portion of the land to the newer section of the cemetery.

The Mission of The Friends continues forward. We explore projects as we work in close collaboration with the Town’s Cemetery Committee and Department of Public Works.

None of what we accomplish is in any way possible without the ongoing support and encouragement of those citizens, local and beyond, who share our MIssion and vision. We are highly grateful to each of them.

The Donate tab offers facilitated ways to contribute to our 501(c)(c) organization. Each donor is sent an acknowledgement and thank you letter.